sr-users April 2005
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[Serusers] RE: Ser Crashes
by IpTel List
19 years

Re: [Serusers] HELP: how to get correct call duration??
by Charles Wang
19 years

[Serusers] sorry -- cannot open write fifo
by Ramakrishnan_S
19 years

[Serusers] strict_routing() function in rr module, where has it gone?
by reticent
19 years

RE: [Serusers] ACC into mysql
by Edgardo O. Gonzales II
19 years

[Serusers] sems and asterisk problem
by ooo ooo
19 years

[Serusers] Ser+serweb
by Tomek
19 years

[Serusers] check_ser plugin for nagios.
by Ricardo Martinez
19 years

[Serusers] Query the MySQL database from SER?
by Jose Gonzalez
19 years

[Serusers] account from an end-device
by "Sebastian Kühner"
19 years
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