sr-users April 2008
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[OpenSER-Users] uaCSTA support in openser
by Hugo Koblmueller
12 years, 1 month

[OpenSER-Users] [OT] How to handle different DID's in incoming calls for a registered client?
by Iñaki Baz Castillo
14 years, 1 month

[Serusers] ser-0.9.6: modules/postgres bugreport & patch
by Alexandre Snarskii
14 years, 5 months

[OpenSER-Users] Problems with SerMyAdmin Installation
by Mark Koopmann
14 years, 6 months

[OpenSER-Users] presence module dialog handling
by Sigrid Thijs
14 years, 8 months

[OpenSER-Users] Acceptor peer failed establishing state[3003], closing
14 years, 10 months

[OpenSER-Users] UDP Buffer Size / OpenSER / Linux
by Carsten Bock
14 years, 10 months

[OpenSER-Users] recover from previous strict routing triggered incorrectly in ALG scenario
by Andrew Pogrebennyk
14 years, 10 months

[OpenSER-Users] Increase MAX_BRANCHES value?
by Zappasodi Daniele
14 years, 10 months

[OpenSER-Users] 200 OK retransmissions on missing ACK can cause subsequent calls to fail
by Sean O'Donnell
14 years, 10 months
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