sr-users January 2022
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Is Min-SE check broken?
by harneet singh
9 months

Re: [SR-Users] TOPOS (5.1.[23]) breaks PRACK
by Daniel Tryba
10 months

Possibility of mirroring the rpm/ repos efficiently via rsync?
by Malte Schmidt
1 year, 8 months

Problem with auth_ephemeral and parse_uri(): bad port in uri
by Vlasis Chatzistavrou
2 years

REGISTER with http_async_client ?
by Cyril Ramière
2 years

Homer7 and Kamailio 5.3
by Angelo Sipper
2 years

two SIP proxies
by Uwe Sigleur
2 years, 1 month

tel2sip is giving unpredictable result
by Jyoti Bansal
2 years, 1 month

kamailio log dialog correlation
by marek
2 years, 1 month

REGISTER with http_async_client?
by Cyril Ramière
2 years, 1 month
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