sr-dev February 2023
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[kamailio/kamailio] ims_registrar_pcscf: changes for ul db_mode DB_ONLY (PR #3317)
by petermarianF
1 week

Dialog-Module and CSeq tracking
by Carsten Bock
1 week, 2 days

[kamailio/kamailio] Statistic counters for LCR module (Issue #3372)
by Alessio Garzi
1 week, 5 days

[kamailio/kamailio] tls.reload during tls relaying cause tls memory double free (Issue #3319)
by JiangHai2011
2 weeks, 5 days

[kamailio/kamailio] kamailio 5.2.3(commit c36229) crash at free_cell_helper (Issue #3379)
by polite
2 weeks, 5 days

Releasing Kamailio v5.5.6
by Daniel-Constantin Mierla
3 weeks, 4 days

Re: [kamailio/kamailio] rtpengine: doc add codec-accept with an example (e8c294f)
by Ihor Olkhovskyi
3 weeks, 4 days

[kamailio/kamailio] rtpengine: document options SDES-pad and SDES-nonew (PR #3369)
by Дилян Палаузов
3 weeks, 4 days

[kamailio/kamailio] RPC command sl.stats does not work correctly with large values (exceeding 4 bytes) (Issue #3386)
by Nicolas C
3 weeks, 4 days

[kamailio/kamailio] TLS module rpc commands not found (Issue #3385)
by HimaBinduGrg
3 weeks, 5 days
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