sr-dev May 2011
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IMS branch
by Klaus Darilion
11 years, 5 months

git:master: modules_k/nathelper: add_contact_alias adds <> s around contact URI
by Juha Heinanen
11 years, 6 months

git:master: modules/tm: new implementation of load_contacts()/next_contacts ()
by Juha Heinanen
11 years, 7 months

git:master: core: pkg mem size configurable form the cmd line
by Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul
11 years, 8 months

Patch to fix definitions for RLS related tables. Size of callid and contact should be larger than 64.
by Peter Dunkley
11 years, 9 months

discussing about next major release - v3.2.0
by Daniel-Constantin Mierla
11 years, 10 months

git:master: kamailio.cfg: removed append_branch() from failure_route
by Daniel-Constantin Mierla
11 years, 10 months

db_sqlite branch review request
by Timo Teräs
11 years, 10 months

Kamailio Dispatcher Module with Xcap
by laura testi
11 years, 10 months

git:master: ipops: use INET6_ADDRSTRLEN constant for IPv4/IPv6 maximun size .
by I�aki Baz Castillo
11 years, 10 months
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