sr-dev August 2022
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[kamailio/kamailio] Regression on app_lua after ASLR enable (Issue #3202)
by Boris Korzun
8 months, 1 week

[kamailio/kamailio] RPC command dlg.profile_get_size with per_value response (Issue #2976)
by dvillaume
8 months, 3 weeks

[kamailio/kamailio] Socket name ignored when sending to HEP server (Issue #3174)
by manticode
8 months, 3 weeks

[kamailio/kamailio] Segfault in Kamailio 5.6.0 (Issue #3134)
by David Cunningham
8 months, 3 weeks

Info: Kamailio World Conference Online 2022 - The Schedule
by Daniel-Constantin Mierla
8 months, 4 weeks

[kamailio/kamailio] [presence] `active_watchers` entries not removed on timeout or expiration. (Issue #3074)
by Mike Moore
9 months

[kamailio/kamailio] 5.5.1 crash processing INVITE and CANCEL at almost the same time (Issue #3156)
by Victor Seva
9 months

[kamailio/kamailio] [presence] [dialog events] BLF problem: "early" state persisting after "terminated" (Issue #3192)
by liviu-rolo
9 months

[kamailio/kamailio] Function sql_xquery returns 1 for empty query result. (Issue #3163)
by admin-toneca
9 months

The SIP TLS/ALPN identifier is now registred
by Olle E. Johansson
9 months
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