sr-dev July 2020
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[kamailio/kamailio] $(hdr(foo)[idx]) is 0-based, textopsx.remove_hf_value("foo[idx]") is 1-based, they should be the same (#2387)
by Sebastian Damm
2 years, 2 months

[kamailio/kamailio] xavp set in event_route[tm:local-request] are not used in SIP transaction (#2413)
by arkadiam
2 years, 2 months

[kamailio/kamailio] lreproxy module (#2208)
by mojtabaesfandiari
2 years, 3 months

[kamailio/kamailio] CDP / IMS Diameter Server Module- diameter_request() function fails to send/forward request (#2035)
by Nick
2 years, 3 months

[kamailio/kamailio] Kamailio not retrieving custom or default socket when sending timed REGISTER messages (#2262)
by kdanderso
2 years, 4 months

[kamailio/kamailio] Deadlocks after ungracefully terminated TLS connections (#2395)
by Laszlo
2 years, 5 months

[kamailio/kamailio] core: main - Protect async-signal-unsafe code in sig_usr() with SIG_DEBUG (#2127)
by Guillem Jover
2 years, 6 months

[kamailio/kamailio] Expand the list of required default 3rd party libraries for Kamailio (#969)
by Olle E. Johansson
2 years, 6 months

[kamailio/kamailio] topos module seems to break re-SUBSCRIBE routing to downstream destinations (#1724)
by George Diamantopoulos
2 years, 6 months

[kamailio/kamailio] uri_restore_rcv_alias() tried twice for local request (#2014)
by Alex Hermann
2 years, 6 months
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