sr-dev June 2018
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[kamailio/kamailio] Expand the list of required default 3rd party libraries for Kamailio (#969)
by Olle E. Johansson
3 years, 5 months

[kamailio] Anyone thinking about adding JWT (JSON Web Token) support to Kamailio (#29)
by mading087
3 years, 10 months

[kamailio/kamailio] Support for as NATed source (#1488)
by dtryba
4 years, 1 month

[kamailio/kamailio] app_python warning about strict-aliasing (#1249)
by Daniel-Constantin Mierla
4 years, 2 months

[kamailio/kamailio] db_check_table_version(): invalid version 6 for table subscriber found, expected 7 (check table structure and table "version") (#1270)
by abell-star
4 years, 3 months

[kamailio/kamailio] cfgt: RPC command to reset/clean test scenario (#574)
by Victor Seva
4 years, 5 months

[kamailio/kamailio] cancel the branches instantly instead of on provisional replies (#909)
by aqsyounas
4 years, 5 months

[kamailio/kamailio] Unexpected log_systemd behavior when daemon is forked (#799)
by Anthony Messina
4 years, 6 months

[kamailio/kamailio] Incorrect translation of tel: uri to sip: uri in tel2sip() (#1173)
by Donald Carr
4 years, 6 months

[kamailio/kamailio] Segmentation fault when using USRLOC with db_mode=2 (#1231)
by JohnJanke
4 years, 6 months
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