[Users] RE: [Serusers] help harry...and hopefully return us back to sanity

harry gaillac gaillacharry at yahoo.fr
Wed Nov 23 14:54:30 CET 2005

> 1 You have ser and asterisk running. Both have a
> public IP address, and 
> asterisk runs on port 5050 and ser 5060


> 2. You want asterisk to handle INVITE and REGISTER
> via SER....my 
> question is why do you want the UA to register in
> SER and asterisk

SER handle IM/presence Asterisk telephony features MOH

> 3. Or do you want SER to handle the REGISTER, INVITE
> and then when 
> IM/presence is needed to use asterisk

Asterisk do not support IM/presence that's why  i want
to mix ser+asterisk

> 4. Can you explain what you have till now, do you
> have UA registering 
> with SER, and maiing calls to each other (without
> asterisk)..i.e normal 
> calls IP <---> IP, with either or both of them
> behind a NAT...if not do 
> this first, ignore the rest.

All is ok with SER for registration nat 

Asterisk is the registrar ser forward INVITE and
REGISTER to asterisk
according to ser.cfg ser forward requests to asterisk
it's ok for registration 

> 5. If 4 is correct, then have you got asterisk and
> ser connected 
> together, i.e talking to each other

Yes i use asterisk as PSTN gateway voicemail system
with database

I just can not solve the contact in sip hf.
Asterisk receive from ser contact sip:user at private ip

Thanks for this mail



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