[Users] help harry...and hopefully return us back to sanity

Iqbal iqbal at gigo.co.uk
Wed Nov 23 14:35:30 CET 2005


This harry thread , I now look forward to in the morning, wastes alot of 
space, but then so does spam. I have completely lost where I was on the 
thread about his problem, so harry I suggest you scrap what you have 
posted up until now, cause it makes no sense, also post only to serusers 
and openser, lets ignore asterisk for now.
I am going to post my understanding of what you want, all those who have 
a clue please add, and lets see if we can solve Harry's problem, harry 
if we cannot, please accept that what you are doing is far too advanced 
for the mortal man/women (are there any women ?) on this list, and hence 
you must carve a path, where no one has gone before...either that or 
change what you are doing.

So here goes.....

1 You have ser and asterisk running. Both have a public IP address, and 
asterisk runs on port 5050 and ser 5060
2. You want asterisk to handle INVITE and REGISTER via SER....my 
question is why do you want the UA to register in SER and asterisk
3. Or do you want SER to handle the REGISTER, INVITE and then when 
IM/presence is needed to use asterisk
4. Can you explain what you have till now, do you have UA registering 
with SER, and maiing calls to each other (without asterisk)..i.e normal 
calls IP <---> IP, with either or both of them behind a NAT...if not do 
this first, ignore the rest.
5. If 4 is correct, then have you got asterisk and ser connected 
together, i.e talking to each other


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