[Users] open letter

harry gaillac gaillacharry at yahoo.fr
Tue Nov 22 14:30:57 CET 2005

> This is open source. No one is paid to answer your
> e-mails. If no one
> answers the first time you mail a question, the risk
> of getting an
> answer the second time is not higher, but lower.

Because of it's an open source for a none commercial
usage I don't have to pay.If i need commercial support
i'll ask edvina.net.
Why not helping people when you can ! 

> By mailing the same mail as many times as you have,
> to as many lists as
> you have, you just irritate people and make it even
> less propable that
> you will get any help in the future.

I think i just irritate people who are able to advice
me not most of people 
That's why you reply to this mail.

> If you don't get an answer on the list, try paid
> support. There are many
> people out there that can help you if you contract
> them.

You pay for support when the features list is
The interoperability between ser and asterisl as i
claim is not listed.
You buy cisco call manager you know what you buy why
you pay for.

> I've answered you many times when I've known the
> answer. If everyone of
> us would answer "I don't know" every time a question
> we can't answer is
> sent to the list, the list would soon be useless.
> That's why people do
> not answer mails that they either do not understand,
> or don't have an
> answer or simply don't care about since there are
> other things to do.

I whish to thank you when  you answered me .

> The way you act, you irritate a lot of people and
> reduce the risk of you
> getting free help next time you have a question we
> can answer.

But my question is simple I just need a way to solve
this problem.
I think i just irritate people who could help me not
most of peole on these 




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