[Users] open letter

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Tue Nov 22 13:57:20 CET 2005


This is open source. No one is paid to answer your e-mails. If no one
answers the first time you mail a question, the risk of getting an
answer the second time is not higher, but lower.

By mailing the same mail as many times as you have, to as many lists as
you have, you just irritate people and make it even less propable that
you will get any help in the future.

If you don't get an answer on the list, try paid support. There are many
people out there that can help you if you contract them.

I've answered you many times when I've known the answer. If everyone of
us would answer "I don't know" every time a question we can't answer is
sent to the list, the list would soon be useless. That's why people do
not answer mails that they either do not understand, or don't have an
answer or simply don't care about since there are other things to do.

The way you act, you irritate a lot of people and reduce the risk of you
getting free help next time you have a question we can answer.

Best regards,

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