[Users] Multi-domain setup problem

Daryl Sanders daryl.sanders at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 22:59:01 CET 2005

Hi Everyone,

I just added a second domain to my openser box and screwed things up somehow.
Maybe someone can help figure out what's going on.
I'm using the new onsip config (unmodified except IPs & replacing
breaks w/returns).
I'm using mediaproxy for NAT. Everything worked properly prior to
adding the new domain.
I did add the new domain to the domain table, and have loaded the
domain module with modparams as follows.

modparam("domain", "db_url", "mysql://openser:mypass@myhost/openser")
modparam("domain", "db_mode", 1)
modparam("domain", "domain_table", "domain")
modparam("domain", "domain_col", "domain")

Existing domain: sip1.mydomain.com
New domain: sip1.mydomain.com

user1: X-Lite (behind NAT)
private-IP (192.168.x.x)
Registers using domain sip1.mydomain.com

user2: Linksys PAP2-NA
public-IP (same subnet as Utsarcom)
Registers using domain sip1.mydomain.com

user3: Utstarcom iAN-02EX
public-IP (63.225.x.x)
Registers using domain sip2.mydomain.com

Here is what happens now...

- All users can register fine.
- user1 & user2 can only receives calls from user3 (can't call others
or pstn , 407 Proxy Auth Required)
- user3 is the only one who can call others (calls to user1,user2, &
pstn are fine)

It's probably just something simple I missed, but I can't seem to
figure it out. As always, thanks for your assistance.

- Daryl

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