[Users] cpl scripts and pstn gateway authentication

Günther Starnberger gst at sysfrog.org
Sat Nov 12 00:29:38 CET 2005


what is the usual method to use the cpl module when a pstn gateway needs 
to know which user is responsible a call?

e.g. i have a pstn gateway pstn.example. numbers are dialed by 
specifying them as user part of a sip uri => 00321234 at pstn.example. as 
the gateway is an asterisk box i'm rather flexible in choosing a method 
which specifies how the name of the remote-user is transfered to the 

if a user does a forward to the pstn (e.g. in the case of no-answer) he 
should also be accounted for the call - so i either need to set the 
'From' header to the owner of the cpl script or i need to add another 
header like 'X-account' which specifies the owner.

a solution for this seems to be to store the name of the callee in an 
AVP before executing the script and to set the From field in proxy_route 
after the script has started.

are there better or more-standard solutions for this problem?


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