[SR-Users] Multiple Registrations via WebSocket & Cisco phones

Melek Oktay melekoktay at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 09:45:58 CET 2020


I am using FreeSwitches behind the Kamailio proxy server and I am trying to
allow multiple registration to my extensions.

So, following configuration is sample of my Kamailio

modparam("registrar", "xavp_cfg", "reg")

$xavp(reg=>max_contacts) = 10;

I saw my phones could register with the same account credentials via
several phones such as Cisco, Zoiper, Yealing etc. When the call is forward
to this extension, all of them are ringing.  Very Nice.

But, when I am trying to REGISTER WebRTC supports soft-phones to my system
and with the same account credentials, my extensions are not ringing like
in the previous scenario. WebRTC uses Websocket  (WS) technology and
clients register to Kamailio via usrloc module.

When the call is forward to this extension, Kamailio try to replicate
WebRTC'S INVITE packet to other phones (Cisco, Yealing, zoiper etc) and
none of them understand incoming INVITE request because of WebRTC
supported protocols  (ICE ,a=candidate) , in a brief, phones could not
recognize/understand  incoming WebRTC request.

This is a really tough issue for me, how can I send appropriate INVITEs for
each of them.
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