[SR-Users] Multi INVITE issue

Henning Westerholt hw at skalatan.de
Mon Apr 27 13:00:46 CEST 2020


the description sounds a bit like retransmits of the INVITEs are created. But it is hard to say without more details.

Do a SIP trace on the place where you observe the problem, e.g. with ngrep or sngrep. Then have a look to the SIP messages that are exchanged.



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Subject: [SR-Users] Multi INVITE issue

I have configured kamailio IMS in vm based images. I have configured pcscf,icscf,scscf,hss and ue in five different vms.I am able to successfully make a call via IMS.

But when making a INVITE from alice to bob, it goes via

ue  ->  pcscf
pcscf -> scscf
scscf -> icscf
icscf  -> scscf
scscf  -> pcscf (here multiple INVITE is happening and giving 483 Too Many Hops error and then the call is going to UE successfully)
pcscf ->  ue

Can anybody help me what am i missing . why multi INVITE is happening there alone and giving me too many hops issue. Even after that issue how the call reaches the other UE.

Kindly anyone help me in this regard atleast where to check this scenario.

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