[SR-Users] Integrating Push Notifications with iOS

German Cancio German.Cancio.Melia at cern.ch
Wed Apr 22 07:58:36 CEST 2020

Dear All,

we are working on the integration of VoIP Push Notifications with iOS devices via Kamailio. From what we observe, the time window between receiving a VoIP APNS notification that wakes up the client app and the client app being sent back to the background by iOS is extremely narrow. It is around 1-2 seconds, with a (seemingly random) variance of say ~0.5s.
So 1-2s is the time window available for getting the client app to properly REGISTER and to receive the INVITE back from Kamailio (using e.g. TSILO); otherwise the call is lost. (On Android, the equivalent time window extends to 10s or more.)

Have others observed the same on iOS? We are using a client app that still uses the iOS 12 SDK (with Xcode10). Can we expect changes in that regard with iOS13/Xcode13?

many thanks and cheers, Germán
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