[SR-Users] Setting up Kamailio IMS in a Box difficulties.

Jason Tsay jtsay at cequint.com
Wed Jan 16 22:16:03 CET 2019

Hi miconda,

I am new to the Kamailio and RCS world.

I'm trying to set up an IMS core so I can get two devices communication through RCS.

I am trying to set up the Kamailio IMS in a box vmware image, and when I boot it up, it asks for the server login information.

??All parameters and passwords used are documented in the log-file.?

I couldn't find documentation for the username and password. I was wondering if there is a new link available or login information where I could see the set up.

These are the things that I have found (to be working)

getting started - https://www.kamailio.org/w/2016/02/kamailio-ims-getting-started-box/

configs - https://www.dropbox.com/s/nm51v4orxrox4ac/Kamailio-IMS%20config-files.zip?dl%0A=0&file_subpath=%2FKamailio-IMS+config-files

pdf - https://www.kamailio.org/docs/tutorials/ims/Kamailio-IMS-in-a-Box.pdf

I did find the config files in a dropbox but I wanted to get the vmware sandbox working so I have a working environment (as I have failed many times to get my own instance set up.)

In addition, I was looking for some Android clients or if you could recommend some. I've tried rcsjta but I keep getting an API not compatible error (Doesn't work on Android Pie (Pixel 3 device) or Android M (6.0.1) Nexus device.)

I also tried IMSdroid, and it looks like it works with Android M (6.0.1) Nexus device but not compatible with Android Pie.


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