[SR-Users] kamailio 5.0 questions

Lv, Victor (NSB - CN/Qingdao) victor.lv at nokia-sbell.com
Mon Jan 7 10:07:00 CET 2019

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply.

I had tried the mo.cfg and try to comments the lines in ims_mod.c that not allow send AAR for a request(INVITE), it not works.

Our request is when kamailio receive 200OK for INNVITE, it will send AAR for term and AAR for origin to setup the gate sessions.

Could you point the link to open bugs? I tried to create an account on Github, it always hung there to validate the account state?


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On 04.01.19 09:12, Lv, Victor (NSB - CN/Qingdao) wrote:
Hi All,

I am using kamailio 5.0, one question is: is there any one make it works to send rx_aar for origin calls? That’s when we receive the INVITE message and send out rx_aar?

Below link not work when receive INVITE message, I need to send AAR when we receive INVITE for origin and send AAR when we receive 200 OK for term?

Rx_AAR("MT_aar_reply", "origin","",2);

From code, we got below comments.
//we dont apply QoS if its not a reply to an INVITE! or UPDATE or PRACK!

indeed, the code seems to restrict the use of the function for replies, although the export of the function lists request_route as an allowed block.

I see that the function is used in the IMS config examples, maybe is useful to look at them and see if you can adjust your configs in a similar way:

  - misc/examples/ims/pcscf/route/mt.cfg
  - misc/examples/ims/pcscf/route/mo.cfg

If you strictly need it for requests, then you have to patch the source and try remove the condition on type being SIP_REPLY, maybe it just works afterwards ... if not, you can open an issue on bug tracker.



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