[SR-Users] port forwarding

Andrzej Kaczmarczyk andrkac at gazeta.pl
Tue Oct 17 00:40:19 CEST 2017


This is probably trivial, but I'm quite new in kamailio and trying to 
handle it for my personal purposes (so - no trainings, no support etc :) 
) - for few (up to 20) users and rare connections, more to learn 
something than to have production system. No plans to go outside my own 

I have LAN. One of machines in this LAN is server with kamailio onboard. 
It works, but only with local hostname (user at hostname).
Now I want to go outside (with clients).

As temporarty solution I have only dynamic DNS (no-ip.org) and I didn't 
expect it working. But tried with IP adress (user at WAN.IP.ADD.RESS).

And... I don't know which ports to redirect on router.
Now there are redirected 5060 and 10000-30000 (maybe it is not necessary 
but first I want it working) - taken from some on-line info.

I can:
- log in to all my accounts,

- depends on client - call to another user and in some cases I can 
receive the call (so it is probably issue on my clients, because it is 
possible to make a call at all).

But I cannot transmit any data: connections are completely silent in any 
case and I cannot start video - although cameras are findable.

Which ports in fact are necessary?

I want audio and video communication, presence info and probably nothing 
more. Which ports should I redirect?

Andrzej Kaczmarczyk

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