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I typically blend several modules to achieve your routing needs:

  - permissions module with address table to detect if calls are coming
from providers or asterisk farm

  - based on result use load balancer to send out to asterisk farm

  - or use pdt (if each provider has one gateway) or mtree+dispatcher
(mtree to translate from a prefix to a dispatcher set id of the provider
with many gateways) to send out to providers

If least cost routing is needed towards providers, then you can decide
to use one of next modules:

   - lcr

   - carrierroute

   - drouting


On 12.06.17 21:21, Jean CĂ©rien wrote:
> Hello
> I am looking at the following configuration: 
> 1/ voip providers, with different external sip servers, will send
> calls to kamailio, that will dispatch them to asterisk servers, with
> load balancing & failover. The IP of the asterisk servers are known
> and fixed.
> 2/ the asterisk servers will also place calls, going through kamailio,
> that will dispatch them to the voip provider sip servers, based on
> R-URI / Prefix.
> I've achieved #1 with dispatcher module, I've seen carrierroute module
> that can achieve #2, but I dont really grasp how to put the two together.
> I have the feeling that #1 can also be done with carrierroute, and
> that I only need to check if the 'from' domain is one my asterisk, and
> chose a different routing table, but I dont see how to do that
> is that a valid approch ? where should I look to do that ?
> thanks
> J.
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