[SR-Users] Possible accidental merge to master.

Cody Herzog codyherzog at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 00:36:32 CET 2016


I feel like a total idiot.

I was inspecting the various GitHub branches for Kamailio using a GitHub
visual client, and I think I managed to accidentally merge a branch back
into master.

The branch I was inspecting was 'lazedo/presence_improvements'.

I was inspecting diffs and branches, and was amazed that I was able to
screw up so badly with one single click, but I guess that's the danger of a
visual git client.

Anyway, before trying to do anything more, I figured I'd asked for advice,
because I don't want to screw up further.

Hopefully there's a simple way to revert the accidental merge, but I first
wanted to confirm that I actually did make that mistake, and that it's
visible to others.

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