[SR-Users] ims_qos module support IPv6 address?

Ayon Pal pals.ayon at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 11:09:55 CET 2016


I have been recently configuring kamailio IMS (v 4.3.4) for IPv6 user
registration. I have my PCSCF Gm interface, ICSCF Mw interface and SCSF Mw
interface all listening on IPv6 address on port 5060. PCSCF Rx interface is
configured with IPv4 address to communicate with PCRF. Similarly ICSCF and
SCSCF are also configured with IPv4 address to communicate with HSS (not
Fraunhofer HSS) .

My Linphone client configured with IPv6 address is sending register message
to PCSCF. PCSCF throws the following error on while sending the AAR to PCRF

*ubuntu kamailio[22627]: INFO: <script>: REGISTER
(sip:001010000000004 at TestNetwork (5555:0:0:1:ABCD:0:0:1:9060) to
sip:001010000000004 at TestNetwork, KFEtBsO-dm)ubuntu kamailio[22627]: ERROR:
ims_qos [rx_aar.c:878]: rx_send_aar_register(): Unable to add framed IP
AVPubuntu kamailio[22627]: ERROR: ims_qos [rx_aar.c:904]:
rx_send_aar_register(): unexpected errorubuntu kamailio[22627]: ERROR:
ims_qos [mod.c:1145]: w_rx_aar_register(): Failed to send AARubuntu
kamailio[22627]: ERROR: ims_qos [mod.c:1189]: w_rx_aar_register(): Error
trying to send AARubuntu kamailio[22627]: WARNING: tm [t_lookup.c:1476]:
t_unref(): WARNING: script writer didn't release transaction*
On debugging, I found that the ip version is hard coded to AF_INET.( a
comment is also written TODO: IPV6 support) in ims_qos/mod.c file. On
changing it to AF_INET6 ( I did this 'cos I saw IPv6 based checking on
other files like "ims_qos/rx_avp.c") I can see AAR from PCSCF to PCRF, but
Framed IPv6 Prefix AVP is incorrect.

So, I would like to know if ims_qos module supports IPv6 address ?

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