[SR-Users] rfc: kamailio.cfg polishing for v4.4

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thanks for the feedback! My comments inline.

On 09/02/16 09:37, Phil Lavin wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> Generally I think the default kamailio.cfg is fairly good. I did a few things to it for a basic registrar, presence server and proxy. Mostly implementation specific things but some are more general. I will list the more general ones below:
> :: Syntax is inconsistent - There's differences in the use of syntax across the file. For example some if statements use {} and others do not - see 492 vs 496 as an example. Personally I like explicit {}s but I'm not really fussed

Indeed, explicit curly braces could be good for new comers especially,
as we noticed some mistakes reported to mailing list in the past when
added action was thought to be in an IF block, but lack of curly braces
made it outsides.

> :: is_method() checks in route[RELAY] - These need looking at. I had some issues with certain inbound messages (e.g. INFO) sending replies with unmodified contact headers. This caused the downstream SIP server to send future packets to the private address and not the public address. Not sure if this is incorrect behaviour on the part of the downstream or not. Either way, INFO certainly needs including.
OK, note taken.

> The only other thing to discuss is the features it provides. Perhaps things like voicemail convolute it a little more than necessary. That said, it's easy to disable and/or remove.

There are some options that need to be set to get voicemail routing
activated. Or are you referring to something else?


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> Hello,
> wondering if people feel it is need to polish the current default kamailio.cfg, to prepare the version for next major release. It can be browsed online at:
>   - https://github.com/kamailio/kamailio/blob/master/etc/kamailio.cfg
> It is mainly about very common scenarios that are encountered out there and we should deal with by default. Have in mind that there are the basic and advanced versions of kamailio.cfg in the etc folder. Also, I am looking for tunings for core parameters and module parameters that make the config more suitable for common use case.
> Speaking of those extra config files, I think the kamailio-advanced.cfg and kamailio-basic.cfg should be deployed in shared doc folder, not being active configs upon default installation.
> Cheers,
> Daniel
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