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look at the modules that you use and see if they have a parameter to
enable multi-domain support -- typically the use_domain module parameter
needs to be set to 1. If you look at the default kamailio.cfg for
version 4.3.x, there is a flag MULTIDOMAIN that you need to enable

Then you can use domain module to maintain the list of the local domain,
or if you have just few and not going to change, then you can use
'alias' global parameter (it can be set many times with different domains).


On 04/02/16 14:45, Barış Şekerciler wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> I'm wondering something about Kamailio. Here is the idea:
> Such and example, I want to give base system which depends on Kamailio
> to 3 companies in 1 server.
> So I have 1 Kamailio Server and 4 or 5 Freeswitch server. Thus, I have
> to set a domain for each company, so total is I need 3 domains.
> For example a, b, c are users. But they should in the different
> domains for know which is which. In a word, it should seems like this:
> a at subdomain.domain.com <mailto:a at subdomain.domain.com>
> b at subdomain.domain.com <mailto:b at subdomain.domain.com>
> c at subdomain.domain.com <mailto:c at subdomain.domain.com>
> a at subdomain2.domain.com <mailto:a at subdomain2.domain.com>
> b at subdomain2.domain.com <mailto:b at subdomain2.domain.com>
> c at subdomain2.domain.com <mailto:c at subdomain2.domain.com>
> or
> a at subdomain.domain2.com <mailto:a at subdomain.domain2.com>
> b at subdomain.domain2.com <mailto:b at subdomain.domain2.com>
> c at subdomain.domain2.com <mailto:c at subdomain.domain2.com>
> etc...
> So where can I do this? Remember, Kamailio should in the 1 server and
> all of domains and users should in this server (I will use Postgres)
> For more details, you can write.
> Thank you.
> Regards.
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