[SR-Users] Users in different domains and multiple domains

Barış Şekerciler baris.sekerciler at outlook.com
Thu Feb 4 14:45:48 CET 2016

Hello everyone!
I'm wondering something about Kamailio. Here is the idea:
Such and example, I want to give base system which depends on Kamailio to 3 companies in 1 server.
So I have 1 Kamailio Server and 4 or 5 Freeswitch server. Thus, I have to set a domain for each company, so total is I need 3 domains.

For example a, b, c are users. But they should in the different domains for know which is which. In a word, it should seems like this:

a at subdomain.domain.com
b at subdomain.domain.com
c at subdomain.domain.com

a at subdomain2.domain.com
b at subdomain2.domain.com
c at subdomain2.domain.com


a at subdomain.domain2.com
b at subdomain.domain2.com
c at subdomain.domain2.com


So where can I do this? Remember, Kamailio should in the 1 server and all of domains and users should in this server (I will use Postgres)

For more details, you can write.

Thank you.
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