[SR-Users] Possible bug in TM module

Mickael Marrache mickaelmarrache at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 11:26:45 CEST 2015



I just got the following issue when stopping kamailio.


kamailio[7279]: NOTICE: <core> [main.c:682]: handle_sigs(): Thank you for
flying kamailio!!!

kamailio[7279]: ERROR: ctl [ctl.c:369]: mod_destroy(): ERROR: ctl: could not
delete unix socket /tmp/kamailio_ctl: Operation not permitted (1)

kamailio[7279]: : <core> [mem/f_malloc.c:586]: fm_free(): BUG: fm_free: bad
pointer 0x4f2dec6200000000 (out of memory block!), called from tm:
h_table.c: free_cell(138) - aborting


I always get the first ERROR when I stop kamailio, I need to look at the
permissions. However, the next one is a bug.




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