[SR-Users] Carrierroute question

Nelson Migliaro eng.migliaro at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 14:09:11 CEST 2015

Hello everyone,

I have a SIP provider that gives me access to different routes over the
same IP address but different prefixes.

I have to send all calls to the same IP but I need to inlcude a prefix to
allow vendor to route calls to different carriers.

I will use carrierroute (cr) module and in case prefix 1 fails, I should
send the call to prefix 2 and so on.

The problem I have is cr module detects that this host (public vendor ip)
was already used and I am getting this warning:

NOTICE: carrierroute [cr_func.c:324]: cr_uri_already_used(): Candidate

This machine use public DNS and I tried to set up 3 entries in /etc/hosts

public_iP vendor_1
public_iP vendor_2
public_iP vendor_3

and instead of using the IP in rewrite_host I changed to the name:
vendor_1, vendor_2. vendor_3
but I got error:  ERROR: tm [ut.h:337]: uri2dst2(): failed to resolve

Is there a better war to resolve this

Thank you in advance
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