[SR-Users] Anybody have a configuration file using lcr or mtree and dispatch?

Gary Wallis gary.wallis at voicecarrier.com
Fri Apr 25 17:01:36 CEST 2014


Anybody have a working kamailio.cfg file that uses the lcr module?

Or as Daniel has kindly pointed out a kamailio.cfg that uses mtree and 
dispatch modules?


Details for those interested (Excuse any lack of clarity due to 
incorrect use of any industry standard language. Please correct me if 
you have time.):

Big picture: Be able to provide only a few SIP gateway IPs to PSTN and 
DID Carriers. These SIP proxy gateways will then be able to service 
incoming and outgoing INVITE traffic for thousands of PBXs.

I am only interested in "switching" pure SIP traffic between PBXs and 

In this case everything (normally) starts with an INVITE. From a PBX or 
Carrier (DID provider in this case) that must have it's IP number in a 
table (sole auth method).

It also seems that we must "group" these gateways into PBXs and Carriers 
for more efficient use of prefixes (even though Carriers AND PBXs are 
just gateways identified by IP and associated with a prefix and other 
optional routing/switching decision making parameters).

The "switch" then must, based on the prefix (or DID), forward the INVITE 
from a PBX to a Carrier (in the PSTN termination provider role). Or, if 
the INVITE is from a Carrier, forward to the PBX.

I simplify greatly providing this traffic aggregation sip proxy "switch" 
example for others that may have similar needs in the future.

Best regards,

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