[SR-Users] Caller ID fields incorrect on Polycom 650s

J Lee juleedev at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 21:58:06 CEST 2014

Hi there.

I have a situation where the caller id information on my phone appear
When I have ext 1 dial ext 2, on the caller's phone, instead of saying "To:
2", it says "From: 2".

I'm using kamailio version 4.0.4.  I'm just new to everything kamailio and
VoIP so I apologize in advance for any remedial questions.

So far, I've done a SIP trace to and checked all packets line by line to
see if I could spot where the To address was erroneously changed to FROM.
 In particular, I was checking the call-info fields for caller id data or
any other data what would appear on the LED of the phone.

Now I'm wondering, who's job (aka which module) is it to set the caller id
information for both phones?
I'm thinking of digging inside the code for the right module just to see if
I can follow what's going on

In addition to answering the question above, if you have any suggestions on
what else I can check or try, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks List!
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