[SR-Users] Caller ID fields incorrect on Polycom 650s

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 23:06:28 CEST 2014


kamailio is not touching from/to headers by default. If there are 
incorrect, then could be somewhere else. You ahve tos end a sip trace 
(ngrep for example) with incoming and outgoing sip packets on kamailio 


On 24/04/14 21:58, J Lee wrote:
> Hi there.
> I have a situation where the caller id information on my phone appear 
> incorrectly.
> When I have ext 1 dial ext 2, on the caller's phone, instead of saying 
> "To: 2", it says "From: 2".
> I'm using kamailio version 4.0.4.  I'm just new to everything kamailio 
> and VoIP so I apologize in advance for any remedial questions.
> So far, I've done a SIP trace to and checked all packets line by line 
> to see if I could spot where the To address was erroneously changed to 
> FROM.  In particular, I was checking the call-info fields for caller 
> id data or any other data what would appear on the LED of the phone.
> Now I'm wondering, who's job (aka which module) is it to set the 
> caller id information for both phones?
> I'm thinking of digging inside the code for the right module just to 
> see if I can follow what's going on
> In addition to answering the question above, if you have any 
> suggestions on what else I can check or try, I'd appreciate it.
> Thanks List!
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