[SR-Users] Kamailio for route traffic only

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Fri Nov 29 10:15:53 CET 2013

That's quite easy - that's a typical load-balancer setup.

Just store the mapping for example in a DB and then use the sqlops 
module to query the DB and get the respective IP address of the user.

But before you add this "routing logic" I would recommend to add 
Kamailio with a static forwarding - e.g. always route to a single 
Asterisk server and make sure the config works fine. You also have to 
deal with calls in direction Ast -> Kamailio -> client. Therefore you 
usually have to a) use the PATH module (only supported in latest 
Asterisk) or b) store the registrations also in Kamailio.

Only if it works with this static routing, add the dynamic routing.


On 28.11.2013 10:52, driver wrote:
> Hello,
> I have such infrastructure:
> Asterisk1 (provider 1) - IP1
> Asterisk2 (provider 2) - IP2
> Softphones on client computers with configured two IPs to two Asterisk servers. User has to manually switch between each server.
> I need to change this that user will have only one account configured (eg. Kamailio) and Kamailio will be used only to forward to Ast1 or Ast2 by previously defined rules. How is it possible?
> comp1 --------> Kamailio -------> Ast1
> comp2 --------> Kamailio -------> Ast1
> comp3 --------> Kamailio -------> Ast2
> comp4 --------> Kamailio -------> Ast2
> Thank you,
> Marcin
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