[SR-Users] Kamailio for route traffic only

driver driver at op.pl
Thu Nov 28 10:52:51 CET 2013

I have such infrastructure:

Asterisk1 (provider 1) - IP1
Asterisk2 (provider 2) - IP2

Softphones on client computers with configured two IPs to two Asterisk servers. User has to manually switch between each server.

I need to change this that user will have only one account configured (eg. Kamailio) and Kamailio will be used only to forward to Ast1 or Ast2 by previously defined rules. How is it possible?

comp1 --------> Kamailio -------> Ast1
comp2 --------> Kamailio -------> Ast1
comp3 --------> Kamailio -------> Ast2
comp4 --------> Kamailio -------> Ast2

Thank you,

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