[SR-Users] voice prompts / early media and kamailio

Oliver Roth oliver.roth at triotel.ch
Tue Nov 26 13:36:13 CET 2013

Hi all

Based on my problem reported with subject "error handling<http://sip-router.1086192.n5.nabble.com/error-handling-tp123240.html>" I have some other questions.
I think it is a conceptual question - and I do not see any solution.

I would like to handle Kamailio with carrierroute / carrierfailureroute module different errors.
Like 404, 403, busy - or whatever sip error occurs.
Some of them need to be sent to a freeswitch playing an announcement (like "this number is blocked", "no more credit", ...).

So if an error occur (lets say 403) then the call is routed by carrierfailurroute to fresswitch playing message for 403.

If I am listening the whole message - I get back error 403 at the end and the call is logged in missed calls as error 403 sent from the freeswitch - everything ok.
If I cancel the listening by hanging up - 487 is stored in missed_calls - cause I terminated the call before getting error 403 back from freeswitch.  ==> so I loose this important information

How can I get back error 403 - play an  announcement and make sure, it is logged as 403 in database?

Thanks for helping ...
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