[SR-Users] Disable NAT for given IP range

David Dean just_bytesize at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 13 23:28:53 CET 2013

Hello all,

I have a kamailio server on a public IP address with a private interconnect into my office network. The private interconnect allows the server to see requests from individual 10.x.x.x IP addresses instead of everything coming through the public NAT. This avoids timeout issues and reduces keepalive traffic.

The problem is the SIP headers from clients on the 10.x.x.x IP range match nat_uac_test because of the RFC1918 address in the via and contact headers and so NAT support is enabled regardless of no NAT being present.

Is it possible to disable NAT support for a given IP range, in my case 10.x.x.x ?



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