[SR-Users] Kamailio, Keepalived: Kamailio doesn't respond on virtual IP but real IP

Dmitry Davletbaev ddo at mgn.ru
Wed Nov 13 06:05:22 CET 2013


12.11 11:23, Nguyễn Đức Vinh написал(а):

>    Hi all
>    I want to setup IP failover for Kamailio:
>    I have 2 hosts A (IP: X.X.X.32) and B (X.X.X.36), with 2 running
>    kamailios.
>    Using Keepalive to setup IP failover as , virtual IP is X.X.X.43.
>    On host A, kamailio was binded to listen=udp:[1] and host A
>    is MASTER with virtual IP
>    Problem is: Client send REGISTER to X.X.X.43:5060. It recieved 401
>    respond from X.X.X.32:5060 (actual IP of A), not as expected from
>    X.X.X.43:5060
>    (To check if keepalived setting OK or not, I have nc -l 5060 on host A,
>    and using nc X.X.X.43 5060 on client, wireshark show that responds is
>    from X.X.X.43 -> keepalived work OK
>    Is there any difference between kamailio and nc cause they both bind to
>, but repond on differ IP?В
>    Thanks
>    Vinh Nguyen

Do not use "listen=", because in this case Kamailio inserts this IP
address ( in proxy related SIP headers, which turns into errors from
UAC. This behaviour seems like a bug. It would be interesting to see response
from developers.

Just use "listen=X.X.X.X", where X.X.X.X is IP address you want Kamailio to
listen on.

Dmitry Davletbaev

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