[SR-Users] DBTEXT / AVPOPS and custom database

Hugh James Hugh.James at semafone.com
Tue Nov 12 11:44:10 CET 2013

Hi ,

I'm trying to use the db_text and avpops modules to implement a simple custom database but having problems getting it to work .

I'm trying to find the Identity of the  recipient for an inbound  call based on the called number . I have a database file:-

1)      LineIDs -  contains the called numbers  in the username field and an  attribute for that line ID   (inbound/ outbound)  ,and  the recipient identity  in the value  field

I am trying to get the attribute and value pairs  that matches the  line number in the user name column ,

id(int,auto) uuid(str,null) username(str) domain(str,null) attribute(str) type(int) value(str)

I  try to load the AVPs  that match a received  number using  the following line in  the kamailio  script file


I have also tried




But it fails to find any matching rows  ( AVPS)  .   Am I using the function correctly ?

The debug output is shown below , there are some custom debug  lines I have added in the  db_text   C files .

DEBUG: avpops [avpops_impl.c:378]: AVPOPS: calls db_load_avp
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_base.c:185]: DBTEXT: dbt_query called
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_file.c:102]: request for table [LineIDs]
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_file.c:109]: db is [/etc/kamailio/Tenants]
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_file.c:124]: loading file [/etc/kamailio/Tenants/LineIDs]
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_tb.c:187]: mtime is 1383910898
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_file.c:215]: column[0] is INT!
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_file.c:210]: column[1] is STR!
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_file.c:210]: column[2] is STR!
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_file.c:210]: column[3] is STR!
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_file.c:210]: column[4] is STR!
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_file.c:215]: column[5] is INT!
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_file.c:210]: column[6] is STR!
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_base.c:240]: new res with 3 cols
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_res.c:52]: DBTEXT: dbt_result_new called
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_res.c:79]: new res with 3 cols
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_res.c:100]: DBTEXT: dbt_result_new returns
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_api.c:255]: DBTEXT: dbt_get_result called
DEBUG: <core> [db_res.c:118]: allocate 48 bytes for result set at 0x7f334a85c390
DEBUG: <core> [db_res.c:155]: allocate 24 bytes for result names at 0x7f334a85c3e0
DEBUG: <core> [db_res.c:165]: allocate 12 bytes for result types at 0x7f334a85c1f0
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_api.c:80]: allocate 16 bytes for RES_NAMES[0] at 0x7f334a85c1c0
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_api.c:80]: allocate 16 bytes for RES_NAMES[1] at 0x7f334a85c420
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_api.c:80]: allocate 16 bytes for RES_NAMES[2] at 0x7f334a85c450
DEBUG: db_text [dbt_api.c:281]: DBTEXT: dbt_get_result returns 0
DEBUG: avpops [avpops_impl.c:389]: AVPOPS: db_load_avp returns 0
DEBUG: avpops [avpops_db.c:271]: close avp query
DEBUG: <core> [db_res.c:81]: freeing 3 columns
DEBUG: <core> [db_res.c:85]: freeing RES_NAMES[0] at 0x7f334a85c1c0
DEBUG: <core> [db_res.c:85]: freeing RES_NAMES[1] at 0x7f334a85c420
DEBUG: <core> [db_res.c:85]: freeing RES_NAMES[2] at 0x7f334a85c450
DEBUG: <core> [db_res.c:94]: freeing result names at 0x7f334a85c3e0
DEBUG: <core> [db_res.c:99]: freeing result types at 0x7f334a85c1f0
DEBUG: <core> [db_res.c:136]: freeing result set at 0x7f334a85c390
DEBUG: avpops [avpops_impl.c:420]: loaded avps = 0
INFO: avp_db_load return result is -1

I was expecting it to return  at least one AVP .

Any suggestions gratefully received .

Hugh James

Hugh James | Telephony Developer

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