[SR-Users] RTPProxy with kamailio : How to get calls count?

Jon Bonilla (Manwe) manwe at aholab.ehu.es
Mon Nov 12 20:09:10 CET 2012

El Mon, 12 Nov 2012 19:57:18 +0100
Carsten Bock <carsten at ng-voice.com> escribió:

> Hi Jon, Hi Richard,
> i wanted to say thankyou for this great piece software!
> I installed it on a Intel Atom Server (x86) last week, which is
> working as a P-CSCF in the Point-of-Presence (PoP) of a customer.
> Perfect! I'll make some loadtests on that system next week and i'll
> let you know the results.
> However, some questions remain:
> - any update on the 2.0.2 sources? This URL
> http://deb.sipwise.com/spce/2.6/pool/main/n/ngcp-mediaproxy-ng/ still
> has only the 2.0.1 sources...
> - is there a changelog availabe somewhere?
> - i haven't looked at the sources, but can i query the RTP-Stats in
> Release 2.0.2 ($rtpstat as in rtpproxy.org)? I get an error from the
> ngcp-mediaproxy-ng, if query for the RTP-Stats...
> Kind regards & thank you,
> Carsten

Hi Carsten. The problem with the source and bin packages has been solved. They
are back in sync. You can apt-get source ngcp-mediaproxy-ng to get the source
or download it from 


I "promise" (hopefully as it does not depend on me 100%) that we'll have the
github-jenkins-automated_tests glue ready by the end of the year (after our 2.7
version has been released) so the code will be available in github in a much
more accesible and open way.

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