[SR-Users] pkg mem problems. Leaking?

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 07:42:06 CET 2012


On 11/7/12 11:53 AM, Jon Bonilla (Manwe) wrote:
> El Tue, 6 Nov 2012 12:09:31 +0100
> Jon Bonilla (Manwe) <manwe at aholab.ehu.es> escribió:
>> As example one uf the external udp receivers uses less than 1MB while one of
>> the internal ones uses almost 6MB. I'm attaching the mem dump of one of those
>> internal udp receiver processes via
>> "ngcp-sercmd lb cfg.set_now_int core mem_dump_pkg 25437" command. I see
>> several tens of thousands of lines like these ones:
>> N  address=0x7fd1207383c0 frag=0x7fd120738390 size=56 used=1
>> alloc'd from <core>: parser/parse_param.c: parse_params(539)
>> start check=f0f0f0f0, end check= c0c0c0c0, abcdefed
> This mail was waiting moderator request yesterday. Meanwhile Richard Fuchs
> tried to debug this issue and looks like he found a mem leak problem. I'm now
> testing a patched version in the same server and let's see if that was the case.
> I'm attaching the patch I'm testing at the moment if someone is curious about
it is ok, indeed.


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