[Serusers] dbtext module

Carlos carlos.garcia at agora-2000.com
Fri Aug 26 10:33:06 CEST 2005


	I'm trying to use dbtetx module, i've written the ser.cfg with the necesaries 
changes, also i do a directory /tmp/serdb with those files(location, aliases, 
version & subscriber), but when i run my ser i have this problem:

	0(0) fixing /usr/lib/ser/modules/maxfwd.so mf_process_maxfwd_header
 0(0) fixing /usr/lib/ser/modules/sl.so sl_send_reply
 0(0) fixing /usr/lib/ser/modules/sl.so sl_send_reply
 0(0) fixing /usr/lib/ser/modules/rr.so record_route
 0(0) fixing /usr/lib/ser/modules/rr.so loose_route
 0(0) fixing /usr/lib/ser/modules/tm.so t_relay
 0(0) fixing /usr/lib/ser/modules/registrar.so save
 0(0) DBT:dbt_load_file: request for table [location]
 0(0) DBT:dbt_load_file: db is [/tmp/serdb]
 0(0) DBT:dbt_load_file: loading file [/tmp/serdb/location]
 0(0) DBT: column[0] is STR!
 0(0) DBT: column[1] is STR!
 0(0) DBT: column[2] is STR!
 0(0) DTB:dbt_db_get_table: ---------------
 0(0) DBT:db_query: table not loaded!
 0(0) DBT:db_query: error while quering table!
 0(0) preload_udomain(): Error while doing db_query
 0(0) register_udomain(): Error while preloading domain 'location'
 0(0) domain_fixup(): Error while registering domain
ERROR: error ffffffff while trying to fix configuration
 0(0) DEBUG: tm_shutdown : start
 0(0) DEBUG: tm_shutdown : empting DELETE list
 0(0) DEBUG: tm_shutdown : empting hash table
 0(0) DEBUG: tm_shutdown: releasing timers
 0(0) DEBUG: tm_shutdown : removing semaphores
 0(0) DEBUG: tm_shutdown : done
 0(0) DBT:destroy ...
 0(1410) shm_mem_destroy
 0(1410) destroying the shared memory lock


	I don`t know if i have to create any table, or something like that, i supose 
location file is something like this:
		username(str) domain(str,null) password(str)

Thanks, Carlos

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