[Serusers] forking with SER

Andreas Granig andreas.granig at inode.info
Wed Aug 10 15:06:33 CEST 2005

davor jovanovic wrote:
> I have already tried something like that but it doesn't work. I already have
> failure route and it works fine for numerical destinations, that is, if user
> isn't in usrloc call is redirected to GW (if I call him by alias). But when
> I try to replace original sip address with one in aliases
> [lookup("aliases"); -> rewritehostport] SER doesn't do it. Instead of
> "rewritehostport" I should have something that will rewrite username with
> alias not just host and port.

But that's exactly what lookup("aliases") does.

Let's say you have a user "foo" with the URI "sip:foo at bar.com" in your 
location table, and an alias "sip:+12345 at your.gw.ip" for this user, then 
in failure route the URI "sip:foo at bar.com" is replaced by 
"sip:+12345 at your.gw.ip" when calling lookup("aliases");

The rewritehostport() is only needed when the host/port part in the 
aliases table doesn't reflect your real PSTN gateway.


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