[Serusers] Sending FQDN in VIA Header

Samuel Osorio Calvo samuel.osorio at nl.thalesgroup.com
Mon Aug 8 13:20:28 CEST 2005

I think Juha already answered you...I'll try to expand his answer, see inline

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>>> ranveer kunal <ranveerkunal at gmail.com> 08/08/05 08:07AM >>>
Hi frnds,
            Is there a way to configure SER so that it sends the
domainname in via header ?

[SAM] I don't know....take a look at advertised_ip and advertised_port (check spelling because I'm not sure about it..) and they might do the trick.

Why is SER not responding to OPTIONS sent to it, it throws an error
"404 not found" ?

[SAM] Probably you do not handle SIP OPTIONS message properly in your config file, and it is instead treated as an INVITE. You have to add something like
  if (method==OPTIONS){
There are several parameters to configure what SER is sending back with options_reply(). Take a look at options module.
modparam("options", "support", "100rel")
modparam("options", "accept_language", "de")
modparam("options", "accept_encoding", "gzip")
modparam("options", "accept", "application/*")

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