[Serusers] Cisco ATA adapter firmware upgrade

Paul.Wasik at ipc.com Paul.Wasik at ipc.com
Wed Feb 11 21:08:43 CET 2004

I have had bug issues with v3.0 ATA SIP code. The issues I've seen become
evident when using the backup SIP proxy AltGk. If the ATA is running off the
backup proxy because primary has failed, the ATA will never re-register with
the backup proxy if a call is in progress. It just keeps on trying to
register with the primary GkOrProxy. If the call is left up long enough, the
registration will expire from the backup proxy and then it won't be
registered anywhere. What's worse is that if you have session timer
configured, the call will drop once the registration ages out of the active
backup proxy.

Also seen issues when failed over to backup proxy where INVITEs are first
sent to the failed primary proxy and the not the backup proxy resulting in
an 8 - 10 second delay in INVITEs being sent to the active backup proxy.

Also seen gratuitous ARPs being sent from ATA every 5 seconds to itself.

All of these have been reported to Cisco TAC.

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Hmm.. we found that 3.0 have best quality when u use g729. and it looks
fine and i did not noticed any bugs.. 

Can you please plese give me more info about those bugs ?


On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 09:41, Maxim Sobolev wrote:
> You need a Cisco TAC account in order to download fiwmware. As long as I 
> know you can get one along with support contract from Cisco (either 
> buindled with hardware, such as router or by bying separate one). 
> Alternatively you can contact you hardware supplier - they should 
> provide you with firmware.
> -Maxim
> P.S. I'd not recommend 3.0.0 - there are serious bugs.
> P.P.S. 1-year Cisco support contact for ATA186 costs only some $30, so 
> that you can consider buying one. As long as I know this is cheapest 
> legal way to get a TAC account, after all this account will be valid 
> even after support contract has expired.
> Ashok Patel wrote:
> > Hi, all iptel.org users/members. I have question about
> > my cisco ATA 186 adapter. I want to upgrade my cisco
> > ata 186 adapter firmware from version 2.16.2 ata18x
> > (build 030829a) to version 3.0. atasip (build
> > 031210a). I am an end user and not reseller of this
> > adapter. I have no luck from cisco web site to
> > download the upgrade firmware. Does anybody know any
> > site (other than or besides cisco) from where I can
> > download the firmware upgrade image file or can anbody
> > send me the firmware upgrade image file (to my e-mail)
> > in order to upgrade my ATA adapter? 
> > 
> > -Thanks in advance,
> > Ashok Patel
> > ashokpatel at yahoo.com
> > ashokpatel at email.com
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