[Serusers] SER forwinding to h323 gatekeeper

Atle Samuelsen clona at camro.no
Wed Feb 11 21:03:22 CET 2004

He he.. Saw the NDA from sipquest.. Did'nt want to sign it myself..

- Atle

* Arnd Vehling <av at nethead.de> [040211 20:18]:
> Atle Samuelsen wrote:
> >Ok. Does the software from meranetworks work good? 
> Hard to say :)
> One major problem is that one cant configure the sip listen
> port so were are running the mera linux binary of the SIP<>H323 gw
> on a bsd box. And this configuration does core-dump under certain
> circumstances. As you cant define the sip listen port for the proxy
> i cant really recommend meranetworks sip<>h323 proxy.
> Next sw we will test is the former siph323 open-source and now
> payware sip<>h323 proxy from sipquest. Ive the sipquest NDA
> allows me to post the testing results ill we post em here.
> Unluckily it seems like everyone in the SIP business wants a written NDA 
> from you before they even tell you their fone number :)
> -- Arnd

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