[Serusers] Re: Sip<>H323 proxy

Atle Samuelsen clona at camaro.no
Wed Feb 11 22:50:44 CET 2004

* Arnd Vehling <av at nethead.de> [040211 22:26]:
> Youre sende address isnt valid. i..e camro instead of camaro
 Thanks.. Just one of my typos..

 Ill talk my boss, and see if they are intrested in sponsoring the
 software.. Was'nt there a guy who said he where gonna do it a month or
 2 ago ? or do I remeber wrong?

  - Atle

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> To: av at nethead.de
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> Atle Samuelsen wrote:
> >He he.. Saw the NDA from sipquest.. Did'nt want to sign it myself..
> Yes, quite annoying. Especially when considering that the product
> is based on a former open source software (called siph323).
> Unluckily the siquest guys have been very successfull in removing
> all open source copies from the net. At least i wasnt able to
> find any.
> Right now i am talking to a guy who offered enhancing Vovidas
> siph323csgw so it can bridge between SIP and H323 networks.
> I am looking for other persons who are willing to financially
> support this project. The costs would be between EU 500 and EU 300
> and the result would be returned to the open source community.
> Details of this would need to be worked out though.
> Contact me if youre interested in this.
> -- Arnd

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