[Serusers] URI Rewriting - Part 2 :)

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Wed Feb 11 20:33:38 CET 2004

At 08:20 PM 2/11/2004, Darren Nay wrote:
>Hey All,
>I've been messing with this URI rewriting all day yesterday and today and I am still having some problems. 
>I am able to re-write the request URI okay, but I can't rewrite the To: and From: fields in the SIP packet.  Is that possible, and if so, how do I do it?

It is possible but it will lead to really really bad interop problems.
Any rewrites to SIP addresses are likely to cause dialog/transaction
matching issues. So I really discourage such attempts.

If you think you really need SIP mangling, than you need a B2BUA (see
for example www.iptel.org/aa) -- there is no other working way around it.


>I've tried using the subst function in the textops module.  It doesn't seem to be re-writing all fields though.  It still seems to only affect the request URI and not the To: or From: fields.  Maybe I am doing something wrong?
>I have attached my latest ser.cfg file for your viewing pleasure.  :)  I am trying to keep all requests that are between our local registered locations stripped to area code and phone num, and all requests that are to be relayed to the PSTN gateway need to have a +1 prefix added to them for e164 compatibility.
>Any help would be VERY much appreciated.
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