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Joao Sampaio est-j-sampaio at ptinovacao.pt
Thu Feb 5 14:52:35 CET 2004


I've already my Serweb running almost ok, just some things not working and
some doubts that I will ask next:

1st- In the MissedCalls tab I get always the "error in SQL query, line: 77"
. I am running mysql 3.32.58. It needs mysql 4.0?

2nd- How the Message Store and Voicemail tab workes? Is there anything
related with the SEMS voicemail?

Thank you.

Best regards,


João Sampaio

PT Inovação, SA

SRM - Serviços e Redes Móveis

email: est-j-sampaio at ptinovacao.pt
Tlf:  +351 234511160-1907 / +351 234403421

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