[Serusers] presence, buddies

Daniel-Constantin Mierla mierla at fokus.fraunhofer.de
Mon May 19 14:36:03 CEST 2003

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On 5/19/2003 1:39 PM, anna wrote:

> Thank you very much for quick answers, one more question though, I 
> really need to get around this problem.
> Is it possible to 
 the buddy list into SIP and get the 
> status/presence messages sent to the sip client in a notify message 
> WITHOUT sending all these subscibe(´s).
I am afraid it is not. The NOTIFY must be sent in the same dialog as the 

> Jabber send this big load of buddies to the Ser (see bellow in 
> highlighted *2), who now just ignores them, but what if we split up 
> all these buddies and send them in notify´s to the client.
> Question: is it possible to send a lot of notify´s without sending 
 to SER first.
The NOTIFYs are sent only when the SIP clients request that. Once the 
SIP client has no dialog to match a NOTIFY it will drop the message 
(sending back 481 Call/Transaction Does Not Exist). I have not tested 
with many SIP UACs, but for MSN Messenger is like that. You can tested 
by yourself, there is a tool 'udp_flood' which can send SIP messages 
from a file to a specific destination. You can find its sources in 
'test' subdirectory -- to compile it just go in the directory and use 
'gcc -o udp_flood udp_flood.c'. Giving -h option you are displayed a 
small help and you can find sample SIP messages in the same directory, 
too. Adapt one for your scenario and test to see if there is some SIP UA 
that accepts NOTIFYs outside a dialog.

Best regards,

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