[Serusers] Multiple Registrations

Ricardo Villa ricvil at epm.net.co
Wed Mar 19 06:25:20 CET 2003


When we have a situation in which a PC changes IP addresses (like on
dialup), we end up with multiple registrations (see below).  Is it possible
to configure SER so that it only has the latest registration?

[root at maui ser]# serctl ul show rvilla
<sip:rvilla at;transport=udp>;q=0.00;expires=2773
<sip:rvilla at;transport=udp>;q=0.00;expires=3194
<sip:rvilla at;transport=udp>;q=0.00;expires=3544

On a related note, the registrar README says:
"Name: lookup
Params: table - Name of table that should be used for the lookup
Desc: The functions extracts username from Request-URI and tries to find all
for the username in usrloc. If there are no such contacts, -1 will be
If there are such contacts, Request-URI will be overwritten with the contact
has the highest q value and optionally the rest will be appended to the
(depending on append_branches parameter value)."

....but as you can see all 3 contacts have the same "q value" (whatever that
stands for).

How does one resolve such an issue?


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