[Serusers] push to call button...

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Wed Mar 19 19:34:52 CET 2003

You need to have latest CVS version of ser and load tm module
in its config file.


At 07:11 PM 3/19/2003, Emil wrote:
>Hi guys,
>Just on this one. Have installed it and get the following error:
>[root at sv1 root]# ./ctd.sh dean at mkc.co.za emil at mkc.co.za
>500 command 't_uac_dlg' not available
>invitation failed
>Im still new to this, any ideas.
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>> Greg,
>> we just completed the first version of a click-to-dial application. It
>> lives on CVS in examples/ctd.sh and takes two parameters -- who should 
>> call whom. It's based on REFER and has been tested successfully with 
>> Cisco and Mitel. More detailed documentation is in the seruser SGML 
>> documentation. Porting it to web (like PHP) from shell/awk script should 
>> be quite easy  (should be actually part of next serweb release). Any 
>> testing appreciated.
>> -Jiri
>> At 05:51 AM 3/19/2003, Greg Fausak wrote:
>> >I know I can do this, but I can't figure out how.
>> >How can I put a button on my web site that says 'call me'.
>> >Given two SIP accounts, assuming they are registered, can I
>> >connect the two???
>> >
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